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Thick and coarse hair can sometimes be a total mess to deal with. On the contrary, straight hair is what will always follow the lead of its owner. It will remain the way it is set but how to attain such manageable hair extremely easy to tame?

Flat irons serve as a remedy to such concerns. The categories may include ceramic hair straighteners or tourmaline flat irons for fine hair or it can be titanium straighteners. Thick hair can be turned into manageable straight and shiny strands through irons with high temperatures.

Top 15 Best Flat Irons available Online

Photo Product Buy
CROC Classic Flat Iron Hair Straightener 1.5 Inch – Titanium Floating Plates, Dual Voltage Heat Up To 450℉ (Black) Buy On Amazon
RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Professional Straight Iron, 1 Inch Buy On Amazon
CHI Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron Buy On Amazon
HSI Professional Glider | Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener | Straightens & Curls with Adjustable Temp | Incl Glove, Pouch, & Travel Size Argan Oil Hair Treatment | Packaging Varies Buy On Amazon
CHI PRO G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic 1" Straightening Hairstyling Iron Buy On Amazon
xtava Gloss Factor Titanium Flat Iron - Professional 1 inch Dual Voltage Hair Straightener and Curler with Temperature Control - Auto Shut Off Hair Straightening Iron with Heat Resistant Travel Case Buy On Amazon
Salona Hair Straightener - 1" Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener and Curler Worldwide Dual Voltage 110-240V with Heat Resistant Travel Bag Buy On Amazon
INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron, 1 1/2-inch Flat Iron Buy On Amazon
HAI GOLD CONVERTABLE Professional Flat Iron - Adjustable Temperature up to 450F Buy On Amazon
BaBylissPRO BABNT3072TN Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron, 1 Inch Buy On Amazon
Hot Tools Professional 1 1/2 Inch Radiant Blue Digital Salon Flat Iron Titanium Model No. HT7120F Buy On Amazon
BIO IONIC 10x Pro Styling Iron, 1 Inch Buy On Amazon
ghd Platinum+ Professional Performance Hair Styler, Ceramic Flat Iron, Hair Straightener, Black Buy On Amazon
T3 - Singlepass X 1.5” Styling Iron (White & Rose Gold) | Custom Blend Ceramic + Ionic Flat Iron for Hair Straightening and Smoothing | Wide Hair Straightener for Long, Thick or Coarse Hair Buy On Amazon

Buyer’s Guide to Select the Best Flat Iron

Before opting for the right straightening tool, the following things must be considered.

1. Plates:
The plates can be made up of a metal or glass. Ceramic flat irons can be a great idea for attaining smooth and anti
frizzy hair. For all these functions, tourmaline also works well. In case of thick hair, titanium flat irons can be ideal.

2. Heat Settings:
While thick hair will require high temperatures, thin hair are prone to damages under such temperatures. Therefore, one should try to go for straighteners that provide multiple options of temperatures.

3. Size of the straightener:
Small and thin flat irons are perfect for short hair or even for styling bangs but wider and large irons must be chosen for individuals with thick and long hair.

Various other essential points including the features of straightness must also be considered.

Review of Top 15 Best Flat Irons available Online

1. Turboion RBB Croc Classic Straightener

It has been considered as one of the most effective flat irons for voluminous hair. It consists of 1.5 inches titanium heating plates that can be heated up to a maximum of 450 degree. The speed at which it produces silky and straight strands is very fast. Just one pass through a strand will be adequate to observe the gloss. Straightened hair obtained through this straightener is an instance of perfection.


1. It produces smooth and straight hair without burning or frying the strands.
2. The long cord it consists of, helps easy usage creating flexibility.
3. Also, this one comprises a thumb grip to avoid straining of the fingers while straightening.
4. The negative ions contribute towards the attainment of frizz free hair.
5. The digital screen displays the temperature helping one regulate it.
6. In case it is left on for some time, the 40 minutes auto shut off feature comes up to help.
7. The ceramic heaters heat up instantly and also keep the temperature under control.
8. Besides functioning as a usual straightening iron, it functions as keratin treatment.
9. Without much efforts, one can attain perfectly straight hair whenever required.

It’s high price will probably be not affordable for many.

2. RUSK Engineering CTC Technology professional straight Iron

It is one of the most durable hair straighteners providing various features to take advantage of. Through its wonderful inventions like these, RUSK has gained popularity in hair styling tools.


1. It is lightweight weighing around 1.4 pounds and would definitely not strain one’s wrists.
2. Offering regulation of temperature, it enables one to choose ideal temperature.
3. It’s ergonomic design contributes towards its convenient usage.
4. It features a sol- gel technology that helps control heat.
5. Also, it provides multiple benefits like heat distribution system, anti frizz technology, long term straightening as well as moisture locking. The maximum temperature can go up to 450 degree which results in quick
straightening with minimal damages caused. The cost is easily affordable not being too high.

Providing temperature up to 450 degree, it is reported to be excessive hot sometimes.

3. CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

It is one of the most versatile functioning hair straighteners. It is termed as versatile considering the number of favors it provides to one’s hair. Be it a need of straightening or bouncing up the waves, it fulfills all such requirements. Considering the multiple benefits an individual can make use of in the same budget, it is chosen by many.


1. It’s 1 inch ceramic plate helps create voluminous appearance in the strands.
2. The straighter will definitely not make one exhausted due to its lightweight.
3. The maximum temperature it provides is 410 degree that helps easily straighten hair within less time.
4. The flyaway and frizz can be eliminated without much efforts through it, resulting in smooth and silky texture.
5. The risk of damages is considerably less.

It has been reported by many that the maximum temperature is not enough to straighten thick and coarse strands.

4. HSI Professional Flat Iron

The flat iron of HSI professional is made up of floating ceramic and tourmaline. One of the best features it provides include the regulation of heat it performs through its 8 micro sensors.


1. The heat being regulated throughout the entire plate, minimum time is required to straighten.
2. Less damages are a consequence of less time taken.
3. Adjustable settings of heat provide the benefit of using temperature suitable to one’s hair. The temperature ranges from 140 degree to 450 degree Fahrenheit thus helping avoid overheating.
4. Also, it is portable and can be carried as and when required.
5. The swivel cord, being rotatable at 360 degree, adds up to the advantages provided by it.
6. Along with the usual straightener, the kit is accompanied by Argan oil. To ensure minimum damages, it is significant to apply a heat protectant spray to protect from damage.

Through a little effort, one can attain the desired styling and shine in the hair.

Temperature becomes difficult to control as the switch lies within the flat iron.

5. CHI PRO G2 Titanium- Infused Ceramic Flat Iron

It’s 1.25 inches flat iron is infused with titanium that results in better straightening. It is made up of ceramic
and titanium iron that make it durable. Heating up quickly, it cuts time spent on straightening. It does not even cost too much to be affordable.


1. It is one of the professional salon flat irons.
2. The dual voltage can be easily used at most of the places.
3. It consists of a ceramic heater having advanced technology to heat up within 40 seconds.
4. It can heat up to a maximum of 425 degree Fahrenheit or 218 degree Celsius.
5. Providing a feature of auto shut off in an hour, it saves from damages of accidents in case of being left on.
6. Also, it provides a 2 year warranty.

6. Xtava Pro- Satin Infrared Straightener

This is one with wide flat irons that consume minimum time in converting the thick locks into smooth and shiny easy
strands. It features 2 inches ceramic tourmaline plates.


1. One of the important features it provide is the temperature settings. One can choose the temperature of one’s choice from 10 different settings commencing from 265 degree Fahrenheit to 445 degree Fahrenheit.
2. Its auto shut off feature helps avoid accidents in case the switch has been left on unintentionally.
3. 90 seconds is all it requires to heat up being ready to be used.
4. Minimal damages or burns to the strands are ensured due to the usage of infrared heat technology to heat hair.
5. Its long cords add up to its mobility.

7. Salona Professional Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Smooth and straight locks are what are observed as a consequence of the usage of this straightener. The temperature
display helps alter it through the settings as and when required.


1. It provides multiple temperature settings ranging from 255 degree Fahrenheit to 400 degree Fahrenheit.
2. It uses 110/220 dual voltage.
3. Negative ions produced by plates coated with titanium keep frizz away from the strands.
4. With minimum prospects of burns, one can achieve silky smooth hair without much efforts.

8. Remington S5500 Digital Anti Static Ceramic Hair Straightener

Not everyone has time and patience enough to go through each and every coarse strand to attain the desired temperature texture. Remington S5500 is undoubtedly, meant for people like these. Featuring it’s anti static technology through its 1 inch ceramic plates, 30 seconds is adequate to lock the straightening.


1. It heats up to 410 degree Fahrenheit.
2. No worries about accidents considering its auto shut off feature. Even if it is left on, it will be automatically switched off after 60 minutes.
3. According to various users, one pass is enough to observe worthy repercussions.
4. Not only straightening, it can help get waves of one’s choice as well.

Some reviewers reported it to be producing foul smell.

9. Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

It carries 1 inch tourmaline ceramic plates. Providing 30 heat settings, the highest being 455 degree Fahrenheit, it provides enough options to optimize the temperature of one’s choice.


1. One of the unique features include the ceramic plates being infused with a blend of multiple oils that help sustain the quality of hair thus functioning as a heat protect-ant.
2. 30 heat settings help one use the suitable temperature.
3. As per users, the iron possesses the ability to transform even the toughest of hair that are hard to tame.

10. HAI GOLD Convertable Premium Professional Flat Iron

As the name indicates, this professional flat iron helps one boast ones stick straight hair attained comfortably through its usage. It is because of its 1.25 inches gold plates.


1. The edges of the plates are beveled for the iron to work for curls as well.
2. It results in straight and shiny hair preventing product buildup.
3. Heat damage is minimized ensuring healthy hair due to use of infrared energy.
4. Cleaning of the plates require nominal efforts because of its non sticky coat.
5. Commencing at 250 degree, the temperature can be set to a maximum of 450 degree Fahrenheit ( for tough
6. Its advanced tourmaline technology does the job of straightening in one pass.
7. It is reliable and lightweight which is why one can use it for a long time as well.
8. Be it any kind of hair, treated or processed, this flat iron serves everyone without charging damages.
9. Also, the price enables everyone to have it without causing a pressure on the pockets.

Considering its lightweight, it has been reviewed as too light by many.

11. BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Ultra thin Straightening Iron

Most of us with thick hair would definitely prefer wider iron considering our coarse hair hard to straighten. Breaking one of such illusions, this ultra thin iron by BaByliss has contradicted this by being successful in taming those unmanageable texture.


1. The plates are made up of titanium which takes no time in heating up.
2. As compared to usual irons, the plates are longer with a length of 5 inches.
This not only saves considerable time but also helps wrap wide sections of hair thus straightening faster.
3. The price of the straightener is around 140 dollars which makes its not too expensive to be affordable.

12. Hot Tools Radiant Blue Digital Flat Iron

It helps save a lot of time, heating up at a fast pace. Prospects of accidents are minimised due to its features of
reinstating to its ideal temperature after some time.


1. One pass through the strands and one can observe silky and straight hair.
2. It takes nominal time to straighten the entire hair as the temperature is regulated by itself after finishing each strand.
3. The prospects of damaging or frying is extremely nominal as lesser time is involved in the entire process.
4. The price being around 70 dollars adds up to its worth of being a part of many people’s usage.
5. It has been considered as one of the best straighteners providing consistent heat.

13. Bio Ionic 10x Pro Straightening and Styling Iron

The plates of the iron may oscillate while their placement which can be quite a unique thing to notice in a flat iron.


1. As a consequence of using this straightener, one can easily attain smooth and straight hair.
2. It straightens hair producing an even finish towards the bottom and the tip.
3. The flat irons help spread the curls evenly within it to encourage proper straightening.
4. Costing around 230 dollars, this one can be quite challenging for many of us to afford.

It’s high price can serve as a demerit to it.

14. Ghd Platinum + Professional Performance Styler

This one suits almost all the hair textures. Be it thick, coarse or curly hair, it has the ability to work out for all. Though ghd tools may cost a little out of the budget yet the functioning and performance of these are worth it.


1. The flat iron requires not more than 20 seconds to heat up.
2. The maximum temperature it provides is 365 degrees.
3. Though it dies not provide extreme temperatures up to 450 degrees like other irons yet the maximum temperature here has been considered as the most ideal one to alter the shape of the strands without causing much heating or damage.
4. Due to less temperature, damages to hair are minimized to a great extent.
5. It costs around 249 dollars which may seem quite much for a straightening iron.

Its high temperature is not adequate for some with extreme tough hair.

15. T3 SinglePass X

It has especially been designed to set those thicker strands that consume a lot of time in being styled. It is a tourmaline and ceramic iron which does its job of straightening with one pass.


1. The one and a half inch plates of the iron contribute to straightening of thick strands simultaneously.
2. Damages observed as a consequence of its straightening are rare.
3. Considering its efficient working, one pass through each section is enough to attain the desired changes.
4. It cuts time spent in straightening as one is not required to straighten single strand multiple times.
5. The plates are infused with tourmaline and ceramic technology that produce shiny and straight hair.
6. It costs around 230 dollars.

It’s price can serve to be a demerit.


Nobody would deny to flaunt those glossy, straight strands but not everyone gives adequate time and pertinence to consider features before selecting the appropriate hair tool. A flat iron possesses the ability to flatten the follicles no matter how coarse or thick they are. Therefore, to obtain the right style and texture in optimum temperature without burning of the hair or causing visible damages, one’s rational discretion is indispensable.

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