Best Flat Iron for Silk Press | Top 3 Flat Irons Reviewed

Smooth and silky dreamy hair are what everyone wants for a prefect date night or a club night. Having long locks with a lot of body and movement is everyone’s favorite these days. It’s important to choose the right flat irons for Silk press so that it doesn’t damage the hair.

Silk press is very different than regular straightening.  This method achieves extra straight natural tresses which look lustrous and relaxed. Now, you would be wondering, if you can do it using your old flat iron. That’s possible but it will lead to a lot of split ends and roughness. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

We have compiled reviews of best flat irons for Silk press for your to choose conveniently:

Best Flat Iron for Silk Press – Top 3 Picks

If you dont have time to go through full review, here is the list of top 3 flat irons we felt best for Silk Press.

What type of Flat Iron is Best for Silk press?

Your hair has some needs while straightening them. As curly and wavy hairs are more prone to dryness, they need special supplements to be remain healthy. In such cases, using a flat iron which is not committed towards silk press can prove to be damaging for the hair.

Key Factors to Select the Best Flat Iron for Silk Press

1. Adjustable temperature settings

Wavy and curly natural hairs are very sensitive to heat and hence the most important feature to look for is if the temperature is adjustable. In few irons, there are heat micro-sensors installed to monitor if the heat given to the hair is too high.

Some flat irons only have one temperature setting. Try not to buy such irons as they provide uneven heating and result into breakage of hair. The whole purpose of adjustable heat settings is to regulate the heat so that it doesn’t cause damage to hair and scalp.

2. Material of the heat plates

As mentioned earlier in point 1, damage and dryness are the top priorities when doing a silk press for wavy and curly natural hair. For such hair, heat plates made up of tourmaline and titanium are ideal plates.

You can also opt for ceramic with tourmaline as this combination also prevents damage and gives the desired shine to the hair. The property of tourmaline lets the plates give the hair a different kind of smoothness and shine because of infused ion technology.

Moisture is extremely important while this process and these materials of plates , especially titanium can do that for you. They release more ions in the hair and seal in the moisture which could get removed by heating.

3. Width of the plates

Do not live under the pretense that wider plates will give you faster styling. Although, logically it might be correct, but it isn’t what we should follow. Wavy and curly hair need the kind of styling that where the plates can straighten near the roots also for efficient and long lasting silk press.

So not putting your hair at risk of over-ironing them is the best option. Go for a plate width of about 1 to 1.5 inch. This will avoid you ironing the same part of hair again and again that can cause split ends.

4. Flat iron Shape

People generally don’t consider if the shape of the iron matters. Shape comes third after material and temperature.

If the flat iron has a sharp edge, then it will give you pin straight hair. A rounded edge is required when straightening waves and curls. For silk press in particular, the sharp edges work wonders so that is the most preferred shape.

5. Other features

Look for flat irons that automatically shut off after a few minutes. If you are always in a hurry then it might slip your mind to switch off the iron. This keeps everyone at home safe and sound and prevents any mishappenings. Always handle heating appliances with care.

Review of Top 3 Flat iron for silk press:

1. Ghd Gold Professional Styler, Ceramic Flat Iron , Black

All the desired features of an ideal Flat iron for silk press are in Ghd’s flat iron. With a dual zone technology for controlling temperature, it’s maximum temperature can go upto 365 degrees F, which is essential for few type of hair that re rough and stubborn.

This dual zone helps in determining the right temperature for styling. The flat iron reduces the amount of negatively charged particles that develop while styling and makes the hair 50 percent less static thus reducing the flyways.

The ceramic plates with titanium coating for protection help in heating up fast and create a smooth glide during silk press. The plates are wide enough enough for easy and quick styling plus control. It has the feature of auto-shut off as well for extra safety, which makes the iron shut off after 30 minutes of non-use.

Features :

  • 25 second heat up feature
  • Dual temperature technology
  • Upto 365 F of temperature
  • Glossy and straight hair
  • Auto shut off in 30 minutes.

Why is this flat iron perfect for silk press?

The flat iron for silk press has got the right material of the heat plates i.e ceramic to not the damage the hair while doing the silk press and give extra shine.

The width is 1 inch to give sleek straight hair. The new dual zone technology ensures that the hair doesn’t burn and each other and gives easy styling. Temperature control settings are perfect for silk press of naturally curly and wavy hair.

Our opinion:

We would totally suggest you to go for this product as it is one of the few ideal flat irons for silk press out there. The auto-shut off feature ensures safety, digital controls are necessary for heat control and the heat plates have the right width for getting smooth and gorgeous silk pressed hair.

2. BIO IONIC Onepass Straightening Iron, 1 Inch, White

Bionic’s flat iron for silk press is dedicated towards helping women out in achieving the gorgeous looking, head turning hair they deserve! Whether women want sleep straight hair or straight short hair, this flat iron give it all!

Ceramic-coated plates as they are there in all ideal flat irons, help protect your hair from over-heating when styling and evenly distributes the heat for easy penetration. The thin, 1 inch plates are perfect for methods like silk press and they get close to the roots for ultra-straight and slim and shiny locks.

It is equipped with Silicone speed strips to provide a faster straightening and increased shine and while high amounts of negative ions and far reaching infrared energy give you a feeling of silky, smooth, conditioned hair.

The temperature control can go upto 400 F and can be set according to your needs. The temperature control is very important for processes like straightening for naturally curly and wavy hair so that least damage occurs. With 400ºF high heat for fast styling, the flat iron is very versatile. A mineral called nanolinic is infused into the plates to give them a cushion.

Features :

  • 1″ width of Flat Iron with ultra -Slim Plates for sleek hairstyle
  • 400°F is the maximum temperature
  • Fast Heating Up of flat iron under a few seconds
  • Nanolinic provides a cushion for the plates.

Why is this flat iron perfect for silk press?

If you are looking for a hassle free styling then this flat iron for silk press will surely become the go-to product for your every morning when you get ready. The temperature control settings are adjustable for damage free styling, the thin plates make sure every nook and corner of the scalp is styled properly, the plates are ceramic with nanolinic so that the resulting hairstyle looks chic in style and shines in the crowd. In short, it is just perfect for silk press.

Our Opinion:

We would ask you to choose this flat iron for silk press in a heartbeat. The brand of the flat iron is already very famous for its styling tools and hair and beauty products. No doubt, this flat iron won’t disappoint your straightening experience. The width of the plates is suitable and the temperature controls are amazing. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this flat iron. Go get yours now.

3. CHI PRO G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic 1″ Straightening Hairstyling Iron

The flat iron for silk press by CHI pro has everything you need in a perfect flat iron. Perfect, yes. Recalling the features of the iron that you see while buying, you will see that this one has got it all and also includes extra features for your convenience.

The plates have a Tourmaline coating with ceramic on them to protect your hair from getting damaged while doing silk press. The best thing about this iron is that it comes with a digital display and a temperature control from 370F to 425F,  which is more than enough for any kind of hair.

The 425 F being the highest temperature, it automatically shuts off after 60 minutes of no use.  There is no need of ordering flat irons for every purpose as you will have this one for everything. Shiny smooth results are guaranteed with this flat iron.

The plates are 1 -1.25 inches wide to give you the best experience of pressing.  Titanium Ceramic technology helps reduce frizz and flyaway and protects hair from damage. The distribution of heat is also even.

Features :

  • A lot of heat settings for all kinds of hair for silk press
  • 1-1/4 inch plates for good styling
  • Titanium plates for smoothness
  • Heats up in seconds

Why is this flat iron perfect for silk press?

This particular flat iron for silk press has a range of heat settings which is just unimaginable for any normal flat iron.

That’s why we don’t do normal. This flat iron not only has the perfect temperature settings, but it also gives you the right plate width and the titanium infused plates to take care of all your hair needs.

The flat iron also heats up real quick and it is better to buy one which does so. This saves times and electricity. The ceramic plates also provide even heating for efficient straightening.

Our Opinion:

If you ask me, this one is my personal favorite. This ceramic flat iron has professional ceramic technology featured, especially designed for go-getter lifestyle. It has almost zero heating waiting time to give you the salon experience.

Equipped with its variable temperature and heat settings, you can easily create unique styles for yourself whenever you want. The Auto-shut off feature also is worth having the shot.  So this one is definitely the solution to all your silk pressing videos


Whether you want to stick to your curly hair or want slightly straightened hair or love the idea of going sleek straight, your top priority feature for selecting the best flat iron for silk press should be the one that doesn’t cause any damage.

Other features should include flexible temperature and the suitable plate width so that it can style the hair closest to your scalp without any issues. Silk pressing is good for nigh out looks and fancy dinner parties. Go; get your flat iron now! Why wait for the prefect hairstyle anymore!