Best Flat Iron for Short Hair | Top 3 Small Flat Irons Review

People who recently had their hair cut short will relate to this – your old flat iron doesn’t work the same way on your new hairdo, as it did on previous one. Why? With short hair, comes a different set of problems, and hence we need a flat iron for short hair.

Flat iron for short hair is different than regular flat irons because you closely work with your scalp and you cannot grab enough hair for straightening. It takes more time and it can get damaged quickly if you expose the hair to heat for a long time.

So, how will you find the best flat iron for short hair? Well, why not try reading the given below reviews of top flat irons for short hair for the start. You will gain quite a lot of insight into the options available for you to choose from.

Best Flat Iron for short Hair – Top 3 Picks

How to pick the best flat iron for short hair?

When you are buying a flat iron for short hair, the first and foremost thing that you should keep in your mind is to pay attention to the width and size of the plates. Narrower plates help you attain better hairstyles.

The width should be narrow:

If you recently changed your hairstyle to a pixie cut or a bob cut, and you wish to straighten your curls regularly, then buying a flat iron with a width of not more than 1 inch is the right thing to do. You can also consider 1.5-inch wide plates but you will have to be careful not to burn up your scalp.

If your hair is chin-length short, then a smaller barrel width will do and the plate width can be about 1.5-2 inch wide to accommodate all the hair for styling better.

Mini Flat irons:

The size of the iron matters in terms of the length of the hair. A mini iron that is easy to handle and can be used on short haircuts will be the most suitable buy for you.

These mini-irons come with a plate width of 0.5-0.75 inch and can help you straighten your baby hair and hair at the back very quickly.

Heat control:

Short hair is thin and therefore it doesn’t require very high heat settings. If your hair is very coarse and dense then, a temperature up to 400 degrees should be sufficient for you to straighten them. So, a range from 330-400 is an ideal heat temperature range. Do not forget to use heat protectant sprays for no damage to the hair.

Floating plate design:

Floating heat plates have an upper hand when it comes to straightening short hair. One of the major problems we face when straightening short hair is making the hair stay in contact with the heat plates of the flat iron for a long time so that it is enough to absorb the adequate amount of heat to straighten them.

Floating heat plate designs in flat irons give more hair contact time with the heat plates and achieve better styling.

Top 3 Best Flat Irons for Short Hair [Review]

1. ghd Gold Professional 1/2 inch Styler

This small yet powerful flat iron for short hair is not to be underestimated due to its mini size. They give dramatic results even on dense hair and give you a chic look.  The narrow plates allow you to straighten the hard to reach places very easily.

You can easily achieve sleek and smooth everyday style with the ghd Styler featuring slimline 1/2 inch plates, making it the ultimate choice for styling short hair, tight curls, or even bangs.

Coming to the usage, ensure that the styler is as close to the root as possible before closing the plates. Then, gently move toward the tip of the section in one smooth simple gliding motion.

You can repeat the process with each section of hair, gliding once from roots to ends. So, they can be used by anyone! The high-quality ceramic plates have special properties which don’t let your hair get damaged.

They successfully give shiny and silky results as they release a lot of negative irons in the hair from the tourmaline plates’ ion infused technology.

Features :

  • Mini and travel friendly
  • Narrow plates
  • They eliminate the frizz completely
  • Get heated up in just a few seconds
  • Ceramic plates

Why is this flat iron perfect for short hair?

The narrow plates make the overall process of straightening short hair a child’s play. It can be used by men and women both. The mini flat iron glides smoothly through short hair and the travel size makes it very easy to carry around when traveling.

The 0.5 inch width ensures that every type of hair is straightened on the scalp. The flat iron might be mini is size, but it is as powerful as any other flat iron. It very smoothly straightens dense and coarse hair without any hassle.

Our opinion:

If you ask me, it is a perfect buy for short hair. Even if your hair gets longer and you decide to not make it short again, this wouldn’t go waste.

This Flat Iron for short hair is expertly crafted with ceramic, tourmaline-infused plates, thus producing a high volume of negative ions which eliminates the frizz problem completely.

The mini travel size fits in any bag and also makes straightening a smooth process and works on the smallest of hair.

2. CHI Tourmaline Ceramic Hairstyling Iron 

The first thing to notice in this flat iron for short hair is that it has narrow plates! This revolutionary feature allows for snag-free styling. It makes hair very manageable and easy to handle as it reaches every nook and corner of the scalp.

The temperature range is very versatile and ideal for any hair type and it flash heats up to 410 F. This flat iron can be used on long or short hair, fine, wavy or curly hair. A flawless appearance is now possible with no frizz and easy styling.

The super narrow thin plates give sleek and perfectly straight hair as desired. It can be carried around everywhere and the negative ion technology makes sure that the hair cuticles are damage free and help in sealing in the moisture.

Don’t blame us when all your colleagues and friends keep staring at you after you use this on your hair 🙂 Be ready to rock the look!


  • Reduces frizz and flyways
  • Works on any kind of hair
  • Flash heat upto 410 F
  • Gorgeous looking professional looking hair
  • 2 year warranty

Why is this flat iron perfect for short hair?

The important features we look for when shopping for a flat iron for a short include the width of the plates, and the size and all of which are in this styling tool. With this tool, your search for the best flat iron for short hair ends here.

It reduces frizz and is workable with any kind of hair, be it wavy or curly. The narrow plates and the quick heat-up technology are ideal for any kind of short hair. The ceramic heater makes sure that the heat is distributed evenly.

The overall look comes out to be very professional looking. The plates are extremely narrow to give the best styling experience for your pixie and bob hairstyles.

Our Opinion:

In our opinion, this unique flat iron for short iron is going to be a blessing for your short hair. The ceramic plates of the iron ensure that you straighten your hair without any added risk of harming your hair by snagging or singeing it, accidentally.

Its negative ion technology (tourmaline) seals in the moisture in the cuticle and eliminates frizz completely. Comes with an option of flash heat upto 410 F, you can use it for any type of hair, even when your hair grows longer!

3. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Straightening Iron

The Nano-high technology of this flat iron for short hair makes it stand out in the crowd of flat irons in the market. This gives pin-straight hair and also comes equipped with floating plates so that the resistant short hair can be styled fast and properly.

High heat levels in the flat iron provide excellent straightening results while the new nano Titanium technology doesn’t let your hair get damaged. There are about 50 heat settings which makes it highly versatile.

The temperature settings in this flat iron are just ideal for short hair, starting from 140 degrees and can go upto 450 degrees if needed. Using this, your short hair gets a shiny, smooth and rich makeover. Regardless of the hair type, the hair gets revitalized and styled.

The nano-high technology mentioned before just adds more beauty by making the strands of hair look flawless and gorgeous.

Features :

  • Three layers of ceramic on the heating plate
  • Temperature range of 140-450 F
  • Heats up very fast
  • 50 Heat settings
  • Versatile for any kind of hair
  • Nano-high technology for smoothness

Why is this flat iron perfect for short hair?

It has accommodated all the features of an ideal flat iron for short hair in it. Along with being durable, lightweight and travel-friendly, the plates contain nano-titanium technology which gives a damage-free styling of the hair.

These ceramic-styling flat irons have a variable temperature of 140 F to 450 F. It has to be bought by every professional looking for a flat iron for short hair. There is absolutely nothing that would make you think otherwise.

Our opinion:

We would suggest you buy this flat iron if you care about the quality of the heating plates and the new equipped and improved flat irons. Keeping aside other factors, these two factors are the most important are the above two features.

The temperature range is also quite varied going as low as 140 F for regular everyday styling and can go up to 450 F for heavy styling.

You don’t have to worry about not being able to use the iron when your hair grows long, as this one adapts to long and short hair both. This one will definitely be a good buy.


So, now you are aware of all the flat irons for short hair that are available out there. They work more efficiently and effectively and you take lesser time in getting ready to use them. The best flat iron for short hair can do so much for you.

Make sure you refer to all the tips above when you are selecting a flat iron for short hair. Along with using flat irons, remember to take care of your hair for any heat damage that might occur. I hope we made your ability to make a buying decision easier with our flat iron for short hair reviews.