Best Flat Iron for Relaxed Hair | Comparison & Review of Top 3 Picks

Who doesn’t love a relaxed hairstyle setting for a night out or for a party? Not only is it comfortable, but at the same time, it gives a sophisticated look as well. I would choose a relaxed hairstyle over other hair-pulling hairstyles any day. With these hairstyles, comes the question of picking the best flat iron for relaxed hair that can style the hair as you want.

We have gathered bits and parts from our research and have come up with the top 3 flat irons for relaxed hair that could change your hairstyling game. They have been road-tested and are completely reliable. Hold back and enjoy the read.

What is relaxed hair?

Relaxed hair is that kind of hair that has been straightened to give a silky smooth look and the hair strands have been chemically altered by a relaxer.

Relaxer makes it easier to straighten curly hair without any hassle. They break down the curly strands with chemicals and become less frizzy and thick.

Relaxed hair can be categorized as a hair type as the process of relaxing the hair changes the natural curl pattern of the hair.

Comparison of Top 3 Best Flat Irons for Kinky Hair

Buyer Guide to Select the Best Flat Iron for Relaxed Hair

As the relaxed hair is chemically altered to be straight and silky, the hair texture is very sensitive to aggressive styling or heat. The flat irons thus have to be of top quality to preserve the texture of hair and keep it away from damage.

The right shape is the key

If you think that a flat iron is simply a flat iron then you are wrong. If you look closely, you will find that some of them have curved edges and you will be surprised to know that those curved edges make a lot of difference. The slightly rounded edges make the straightening process easier and can even be made into a curling iron if needed.  When a flat iron has sharp edges, it is less adaptable and gives very less straight hair. The efficiency in that case effectively reduces.

Plate width matters

Wider plates mean Less straightening time. When your straighter has wide plates, then it becomes easier to straighten the hair as less time is required. Traveling with a wide plate flat iron then becomes difficult as it doesn’t easily fit in the bag. Also, it is not recommended for women with fine hair to use wide plates as it will damage the hair.

Right plate material can be a game changer

The right choice can vary from person to person as everyone has different hair needs.  If the plate is made up of Titanium, then it will heat up very quickly and high temperatures can be applied evenly across the hair.

They are expensive to buy and people generally don’t prefer to buy such pricy flat irons unless they have really stubborn curly coarse hair. Most flat irons come with Ceramic plates that are famous for their effectiveness and merge value. They offer even heat distribution for most of the hair textures.

Don’t get fooled by straighteners which are only coated with ceramic as it wears down after a while and then hair starts sticking to the plates and it doesn’t even straighten the hair. If the plates have a Tourmaline coating over them, then they are a good buy too.  

They work great with damaged hair and are also known as ‘ionic plates’ as these plates produce more negative ions than positive ions and reduce frizz and help in sealing the hair shaft.

The temperature game

Everyone will instantly go for flat irons which are capable of producing more heat. High temperatures mean high heat as then the straightening is more effective. To have reduced damage done to your hair, consider buying an iron whose heat settings are adjustable.  This way, you can style at lower temperatures if your hair can’t take the higher ones.

Ionic Technology

Ionic technology releases more ions into the hair and keeps the hair frizz-free. As relaxed hair has a lot of frizz in them, it is important that you use a flat iron with such kind of technology.

Steam based irons

These irons use steam to straighten the hair. If your tresses are too stubborn then these can be considered as well. Steam-based irons are good for curly or relaxed hair as they help in restoring moisture in the hair. They also come with removable water compartments so they can be used as normal iron as well.

Top 3 Best Flat Irons for Relaxed Hair [Features and Review]

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra Thin Straightening Iron

When it comes to writing down a lot of top flat irons that are capable of transforming coarse curly hair into silk smooth tresses, then this flat iron for relaxed hair cannot skip the first position.

If the best award for transforming thick hair or afro hair into silky straight hair existed, then this one would have gotten it for sure. It has got some very unique features to offer to its customers. Even the kinkiest of hair can be straightened.

The best thing about it is being able to switch from aggressive straightening to soft straightening. As relaxed hair is sensitive, the features perfectly suit the type of hair. The plates are made of titanium.

There is a ceramic heater attached to the tool so that the plates heat up quickly in no time and efficiently straighten the hair. This particular flat iron has around 50 heat settings starting from 200 F and ending at 450 F. The flat iron is a good buy considering all the features it has for a flat iron.

Key Features:

  • Ionic technology
  • 50 temperature settings
  • Titanium plates
  • Frizz-free hair
  • Infrared emission technology

Why is this flat iron perfect for relaxed Hair?

The noticeable feature of this iron includes the infrared emission technology it comes with. It helps in spreading the heat towards each and every strand of the hair. The length of the plates is perfect for the process of straightening relaxed hair. Wider plates enable to straighten the hair more effectively and quickly as more amount of hair can be taken into account. It is also very light in weight and extremely easy to carry around. The ionic technology makes it totally worth a buy. The plate material is titanium which will introduce negative ions into the hair, and takes care of all the other hair problems like frizz problems.

2. CHI Smart Gemz Volumizing Zironium Titanium Hairstyling Iron

It’s time to bid adieu to all the worries of flat iron as the best flat iron for relaxed hair is now here. A straightening iron from CHI Smart brand, it has got plates made of both zirconium and titanium and uses the newest technology.

This super combination of plates presents a smooth and long-lasting styling surface for ever-lasting shine. The highest temperature for this flat iron is 410F which is good enough to handle relaxed hair.

The ceramic plates help in distributing the heat evenly and thus no heat spots are created on the plate. With curved floating plates, this iron helps in achieving a range of styling techniques. It can even be used to create loose curls and beach waves and on top of all that, add a lot of volume to the hair.

A unique feature of this iron is that it comes with two thermal bags which can be used for storage purposes while traveling. It also comes equipped with a set of three hair styling clips for sectioning and styling hair easily so that the hair doesn’t get in between every now and then.

As a safety precaution, the auto shut-off option is available it shuts it off after 60 minutes of non-usage. It also comes with a dual voltage feature for ease in traveling to other countries.


  • Auto temperature lock feature
  • Dual Voltage feature
  • Heat-resistant carry bags
  • Auto shut option off after 60 minutes
  • The heating time of 30 seconds only

Why is this flat iron perfect for relaxed hair?

There are two major reasons – one is the dual metal that is titanium and zirconium plate technology and the other one is high-temperature options. All of these features make it an ideal fit for using it as flat iron for keratin-treated hair. The keratin-treated hair just requires conditions to keep the hair and the keratin amount under check. Other additional features are also present that makes this flat iron versatile for all kinds of hair such as auto shut off, auto temperature control etc.

3. CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium 1 1/4″ Straightening Hairstyling Iron

The CHI G2 is a revolution when it comes to dynamics and tops the chart when it comes to the best flat irons for relaxed hair. A sleek design is offered by this flat iron and the use of new technology makes it stand out in the list.

This flat iron is made up of titanium-infused ceramic plates that have the added advantage of providing good durability and it also smoothly glides through the hair with ease.

Temperature can be easily controlled using the digital temperature display and the LCD screen has been set to work according to a color code which works for fine, medium and coarse hair to show different colors. A maximum temperature of 425°F can be attained through this flat iron.

The Ceramic heater mounted with the flat iron distributes heat evenly and leaves no scope for heat spots. The advanced technology has given it a heating time of 40 seconds and it is advised to keep the cord away from all kinds of heated surfaces.


  • Digital Display of Temperature and the LCD temperature
  • 425F Temperature
  • Heating time – 40 seconds
  • Titanium plates for longevity

Why is this flat iron perfect for relaxed hair?

If a flat iron for relaxed hair existed covering all the essential features and some added extra features, this flat iron would be the one. Titanium infused plates help in the distribution of heat evenly and also help in sealing moisture in the hair which stays there for a long time. The digital control system of temperature helps in evenly spreading the heat and doesn’t pose any heat damage to the hair. The plate width and length are perfect too. Buy this one and never look back!


Your search for a perfect flat iron to achieve a relaxed shiny look ends with this article. The flat irons we have listed out works for all hair types. It will work best with natural black or brown hair. Don’t forget to refer to the list of features to buy the perfect flat iron for relaxed hair that we have carefully designed for your needs, keeping in mind the choice of customers all over the world.