Best Flat Iron for Keratin Treated Hair – Top 3 Best Flat Irons [Review]

Looking for a flat iron that suits your keratin-treated hair? Guess, you have landed on the right spot! It is very essential to use a specialized flat iron after keratin treatment. When you get the keratin treatment done, you will notice your hairdresser using a lot of heat to make sure the keratin is infused in the strands. The same logic goes with the flat iron too.

To keep the keratin intact, a Temperature above 400 F is ideal for maintaining the hairstyle and to maintain the condition of the hair.

What does keratin do to your hair and why are we concerned about keratin? Keratin ensures smooth and silky shiny hair, and keep it that way for a very long time.

Best Flat Iron for Keratin Treated Hair – Top 3 Picks

How to Pick the Best Flat Iron for Keratin Treated Hair : Buyer Guide

There are majorly two factors you should look for along with other additional features. You might go for a basic flat iron which is not too expensive but see to it that the important features are present for you to maintain the condition of the keratin treated hair.

Titanium Plates

Titanium metal has the capability of reaching high temperatures in just a matter of seconds. It is known to be inert and thus it will not be able to react with any other metals or chemicals present in the styling products.

The heat retention of this metal is also way better than that of normal ceramic and it provides even heat distribution. You will start noticing the difference as soon as you start straightening that the titanium plates help in retaining the heat levels quite satisfactorily.

Thus, an excellent finish with an unbeatable shine is achieved by the best flat iron for keratin treatment.

The capability of holding high degrees of temperatures

It is said that high temperatures are important for the activation of keratin in the whole process of treatment. Even after treatment is done, exposing the air to high temperatures every now and then could help in restoring the keratin.

While the treatment is going on, it is essential to possess a flat iron that can maintain the temperature that you have set without any heat fluctuation.

The same heating tool can be used afterward as well. Do not go over 400 F to avoid heat damage to the hair. Always use heat serum to protect the hair cuticles and strands from getting overheated.

Other features

Features like smart moisture adjustment, Adjustable temperatures, faster heating time, and use of ionic technology are also to be taken care of when selecting the best flat iron after keratin treatment.

These features are not only important for keratin-treated hair but can come in handy for any kind of hair.

Review of Top 3 Flat irons for Keratin Hair

1. CHI Smart Gemz Volumizing Zironium Titanium Hairstyling Iron With Clips and Bag, Cobalt Blue Metallic

Say Bye to all your flat iron worries as we have the best flat iron for keratin treated hair for you. It is a styling iron from CHI Smart brand and has both zirconium and titanium plates with the newest technology.

The advantage of this combination of metals is that it creates a smooth and long-lasting styling surface. The highest temperature can go up to 410 F which is quite ideal for Keratin-treated hair.

The Ceramic heat technology installed in the flat iron helps distribute the heat evenly across the plate surface and thus evenly across the hair strands.

Having curved and floating plates, this iron also helps you achieve various styles, straighten and smooth your hair; create curls and waves and also add a lot of volume to the hair. It also comes equipped with two pocket thermal bags which serve as convenient storage for travel purposes.

A set of three hairstyling clips is also included for sectioning and styling hair easily so that. The auto shut-off options are available and work after 60 minutes of non-usage. The dual voltage feature and the 30 seconds of heat-up time are also very ideal.


  • Auto temperature lock
  • Dual Voltage
  • Heat resistant bags and hair clips
  • Auto shut off after 60 minutes
  • Heating time of 30 seconds

Why is this flat iron perfect for keratin treated hair?

There are two major reasons – one is the dual metal that is titanium and zirconium plate technology and another one is high-temperature options. All of these features make it an ideal fit for using as flat iron for keratin treated hair.

The keratin-treated hair just requires conditions to keep the hair and the keratin amount under check. Other additional features are also present that makes this flat iron versatile for all kinds of hair such as auto shut off, auto temperature control etc.,

Our Opinion:

If you would take our advice, then we would recommend you this one if you are in a family of two-three and everyone is going to use one flat iron. It is not only for Keratin Treated hair but also for all kinds of hair.

So no worries as you can use this one for a long time to come. So it is a good investment. Temperature control and titanium plates – the major required features are already present so there is no reason why you shouldn’t buy this one.

2. Blowpro Titanium Professional Flat Iron

This flat iron for keratin treated hair not only gives a woman the looks but also makes her feel the best in the crowd. It is one of the quickest and easiest flat irons in the market with a sleek matte finish which makes it stand apart from other flat irons.

The titanium plates lock in the keratin in the strands for a long time and the temperature control features are also perfect for keratin-treated hair. This super cute flat iron gives you a better grip and thus helps in achieving a smooth and perfect hairstyle.

This flat iron also includes a free smoothing kit so that you can experience some of Blowpro’s best products. The Smoothing Kit is inclusive of Heat Is On Protective Daily Primer, Blow Back Time Anti-Aging Density Spray, and Blow Up Thickening Mist.


  • Titanium plates
  • Smoothing kit is included
  • Better grip
  • Moisture control

Why is this flat iron perfect for keratin treated hair?

Along with having titanium plates and temperature control, it also includes features like better grip, smooth and shiny hair guarantee etc., The smoothing kit that comes with the iron is essential for maintaining the health of your keratin-treated hair.

They protect your hair and don’t cause hair fall. As the goody-good features are all there, nothing states that you shouldn’t be buying this flat iron. Go grab it now!

Our opinion:

It’s on the top 3 list and that’s probably why you should be buying it? Is there a better reason! It includes all the features of a good flat iron that is titanium plates and good temperature control.

A better grip is very important when working with hot tools and this one also has moisture control so that scalp doesn’t go dry.

3. CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium 1 1/4″ Straightening Hairstyling Iron

The CHI G2 is a revolution in dynamics among the best flat irons for keratin treated hair. It offers a sleek design, upgraded technology in flat irons and doesn’t falter in giving an outstanding performance.

This flat iron’s features are titanium infused ceramic plates which provide an added durability smoothly glide through your hair.

The Digital temperature display allows for easy temperature control and the LCD screen is also color-coded so that proper temperature can be set for fine, medium and coarse hair and a maximum of 425°F can be achieved.

The Ceramic heater with advanced technology and a fast heating time of 40 seconds keep the cord away from all the heated surfaces.

Do not try to wrap the cord around the appliance. Take care that the power supply cord is not pulled, jerked, strained, twisted, or severely bent, especially at the plug connections One should Handle the cord very carefully for its longer life.


  • Digital Display of Temperature
  • 425 F maximum temperature
  • Heating time of 40 seconds
  • Titanium plates

Why is this flat iron perfect for keratin-treated hair?

All the things that you look for in a perfect flat iron are in this one so why go for any other flat iron?

The plates are infused with titanium which helps in sealing the keratin in hair for a long time and the digital control of temperature help in controlling the temperature better and evenly spreading out the heat across the scalp.

Our Opinion:

We would totally recommend you to go for this flat iron without giving it much thought. When it comes to a decision, a person looks for all the major required features. The plates are infused with titanium and the temperature is taken care of by the flat iron.

The heating time is lesser than usual and the maximum temperature of 425 degrees F can be achieved. You will have absolutely have no regrets buying this best flat iron after keratin treatment.


Reading the above reviews and suggestions, you must have a comprehensive idea about the best professional flat iron after keratin treatment. Look for the best features in them and choose the flat iron wisely.

If you get the keratin treatment done, buying a flat iron for keratin treated hair can save you a lot of money as the keratin in your hair will be restored at home and you won’t need to go to the hair salon that often. So are you ready to get heavenly gorgeous hair at home?