Best Flat Iron for Keratin Treated Hair – Top 5 Flat Irons [Comparison]

Keratin treatment gives you a perfectly straight hairstyle that is low maintenance and aesthetic to look at. You surely need a flat iron once you have left the hair salon after getting your keratin treatment done. The high heat of a flat iron seals the keratin in your hair and helps to keep it shiny and straight.

It’s really important to straighten your hair twice a day with a suitable flat iron for the next 72 hours of getting your keratin treatment done.

As keratin stays in your hair for the next 72 hours and high heat activates it, a worthy flat iron can do wonders to seal the keratin in your hair fibers and make the treatment last longer.

This article will help you to find out which flat iron is going to work the best for your keratin treated hair along with the directions on how you can find your best choice.

List of Top 5 Flat Irons for Keratin Hair

Guide to Select the Best Flat Iron for Keratin Treated Hair

1. Make high heat a priority

A flat iron with high heat capabilities is a necessity not only during a keratin treatment but also after the completion of the keratin treatment. Activating the keratin requires high heat. For this, you need a flat iron that can easily reach 425°- 450° F temperature without heat fluctuations.

The best choice for providing your keratin-treated hair with high heat is to choose a flat iron with titanium plates. Titanium plates are hotter than ceramic plates.

They also last longer and most of them are set at a high temperature of 450° F. These plates reach extremely high heat in a very short span of time and can give you straighter results than ceramic plates.

While ceramic plates are gentle on your hair, they may not give you high-end results like titanium plates. Also, a lot of products and chemicals are used on your hair during a keratin treatment.

As titanium plates are inert, they are not going to interact with any of the products giving you hassle-free and smooth shine.

2. A long cord for easy access

The process of flat ironing keratin-treated hair is extensive and time-consuming. Such a prolonged process can cause hand fatigue which can result in uneven straightening results. The case worsens if you are using the flat iron to straighten your keratin-treated hair on your own.

In this case, flat iron with a long cord can really come in handy. A long cord ensures ease of usage and convenience. It doesn’t require you to stretch your hands in difficult directions, reducing hand fatigue and also providing free access to turn the flat iron in whichever position you want.

A flat iron with a long cord also reduces the time required to effectively straighten your keratin-treated hair in the best way possible. This in turn, also reduces heat damage leaving your hair smooth and comparatively healthy.

3. Floating Plates and Adjustable temperature settings for heat control

A flat iron with 425° – 450° F heat is essential to activate the keratin during and after 72 hours of the treatment. But a range of heat not more than 400° F is enough if you wish to use a flat iron after a month or two of the keratin treatment.

For this reason, choosing a flat iron with adjustable temperature settings is very essential for keratin treated hair.

A flat iron with a number of high-temperature adjustable settings is best for keratin-treated hair. Not only it gives you total heat control, but also provides you with an opportunity to create different hairstyles with the same tool.

Keratin treatment leaves your hair straight and shiny. While straight hair looks polished and professional, you can get bored of rocking the same look sometimes.

A flat iron with adjustable heat settings and floating plates not only straightens your keratin-treated hair, but also provides you with the opportunity to create different hairstyles like temporary waves and curls. 

4. Temperature Display Screen and Auto Off Feature to cut off confusion

The main criteria for a flat iron for keratin treated hair are high heat, adjustable heat settings and a long cord. However, having an automatic turn-off and indicator light or display screen are also some important features to seek in a flat iron for safety measures and better results.

A flat iron meant for keratin treated hair can get very hot. Leaving it on by mistake for hours can cause unwanted accidents. An automatic turn-off feature automatically turns the flat iron off after a set period of time canceling any chances of mishaps.

Also, an indicator light or temperature display screen confirms the actual heat setting of the flat iron so you will not burn your keratin-treated strands by mistake.

Top 5 Flat Irons for Keratin Treated Hair

1. DORISILK Titanium Flat Iron Rhinestone Straightening Iron


If you have ever found yourself drooling over stylish flat irons in professional salons, then you are going to love the aesthetic DORISILK Titanium Flat Iron designed especially for keratin treatments and keratin treated hair.

The sparkling rhinestones make it the best tool to have on your vanity and its high heat abilities make it the perfect choice for keratin-treated hair.

The anti-scratch titanium plates can easily reach up to the highest heat of 470° F, making it the only flat iron in this list to handle such temperature.

The adjustable heat settings are obviously a plus point with a smart digital LCD screen to control and examine the temperature changes. Also, the flat iron gets heated really quickly which is a must for keratin treated hair.

It has advanced floating plates with 3D technology which ensures no more tugging and pulling of your keratin-treated hair.

The multi-functional plates also have negative ion technology. This technology enables heat damage reduction and retains moisture which gives a new and healthy shine to keratin-treated hair.


  • It has only two buttons “-” and “+” to shuffle between temperatures and temperature scales (F to C). Long press the minus or plus buttons to reduce or increase the heat.
  • A 60 min automatic shut off saves the tool from overheating, causing any mishaps, or safety issues.


  • It doesn’t have a lock.

2. CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium 1 1/4″ Straightening Flat Iron

Brand: CHI

Designed with the latest advanced technology, CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Flat Iron definitely tops the list of best flat irons for keratin treated hair. The ergonomic design of the flat iron and a number of features makes this flat iron the best choice for people with keratin-treated hair.

The flat iron is equipped with the latest technology of all digital displays and options of customization.

The customization options allow you to choose your desired temperature to straighten your keratin-treated hair in its best shape and the all-digital display showcases the temperature chosen so there is no confusion when it comes to straightening and heat styling your keratin treated hair.

This also ensures your hair is not overheated, burnt or damaged due to the overwhelming heat of titanium flat irons.

Coming to its plates, the plates are infused with high-quality and advanced titanium to give you the best high heat required for keratin-treated hair.

Keeping damage control in mind, these titanium-infused plates are coated with ceramic which protects your keratin treated hair strands from damage and imparts a natural shine that magnifies the beauty of your keratin treated tresses.


  • The flat iron is equipped with three preset temperatures and color codes – Blue(0-370°), Green (375-395°) and Red (400-425°). This makes straightening your keratin treated hair easier and hassle-free.
  • The flat iron comes with a 2 year warranty ensuring the quality and convenient usage of the tool for keratin treated hair.


  • The maximum temperature is 425° F which is convenient and healthy for keratin treated hair. However, it may not satisfy extremely high-heat lovers.

3. GK Hair Global Keratin One Control Titanium Styling Flat Iron

Brand: GK Hair

Treat your hair with extra-wide plates of the GK Hair Global Keratin Flat Iron. This flat iron has 4.7 inches long and 2.4 inches wide plates which make straightening keratin treated hair simple, easy and quick.

The plates ensure you get a sleek straight look with limited swipes in no time and not a single strand of your keratin-treated hair is missed.

The ideal temperature to maintain keratin-treated hair is 400° F. This flat iron has a number of adjustable temperature settings ranging between 195° F to 450° F which makes your keratin treatment last long and look shinier and healthier. The design is sleek, lightweight and easy to carry.

The functions of the flat iron are simple and uncomplicated. It has only one button to operate, increase and decrease the heat settings.

The titanium plates get heated pretty quickly and are a great fit for keratin-treated hair. The tool can also be operated worldwide due to its 110 V – 240 V dual voltage.


  • The 360° swivel cord is helpful in avoiding tangling and winding of the tool while operating the tool on keratin treated hair.
  • The touchtone intelligent temperature control system reduces the straightening and heat styling time.


  • No major drawback noticed

4. VANESSA Titanium Flat Iron


Sliding a flat iron on the same hair strands over and over again is definitely a nightmare. It is the most unhealthy thing you can do to damage your keratin treated hair strands.

Here, VANESSA Titanium Flat Iron comes to your rescue. This flat iron gives you a silky straight finish just in a glide which makes it a must-have for keratin-treated hair.

The nanoplates of this titanium flat iron are equipped with ionic technology. The ionic technology produces negative ions which help to retain moisture and reduce heat damage to a great extent.

The stylish VANESSA flat iron also comes with adjustable temperature settings ranging between 265° – 450° F to give your keratin treated hair just the kind of heat that it needs.

When it comes to its ease of usage, the flat iron doesn’t fail to impress with its 360° swivel cord and 97 inch length. The length ensures you can turn your flat iron in your desired direction to style and straighten your keratin treated hair without tiring your hands out.


  • With its floating plates and sturdy design, VANESSA Titanium Flat Iron can be used for both straightening and curling keratin-treated hair.
  • The added features like auto shut off and dual voltage makes the flat iron accessible in any corner of the world without worrying about any safety concerns.


  • If you are new to flat irons, you may figure it out on your own to operate the VANESSA Titanium Flat Iron as it doesn’t come with usability instructions.

5. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron

Brand: BabylissPRO

It’s always good to use a lightweight flat iron to straighten and style keratin treated hair. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-thin Flat Iron is as light as it can get which makes it extremely easy to work on keratin treated hair.

The 5 inches plates are extra-long and make it very convenient to style wide sections of hair at once. The good-quality titanium plates make it possible to create pin-straight hairstyles with your keratin-treated hair.

As keratin treated hair requires ultra-high heat, the super smooth plates of this flat iron have intense heat and quick recovery time. You get 50 heat settings for treating your keratin-treated hair with the best-suited temperature.

The maximum temperature is 450° F. This allows you to straighten both fine and thick hair while also holding different styles simultaneously for long hours.

The best part about BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Flat Iron is that is designed to suit everyone. Because of this, the flat iron is available in three varying widths ( 1 inch, 1 & ½ inch and 2 inches) to suit all hair of all types and lengths.


  • Apart from being lightweight, the flat iron is very thin as well. You can easily slip it in your bag when you are on the go to get super straight hair whenever you want.
  • The flat iron offers far-infrared heat to provide gentle yet strong straightening and heat styling results.


  • The handles of the flat iron can get too hot if used for way too long.

Comparison Of Above Listed Flat Irons for Keratin Hair

 DORISILK Titanium Flat Iron Rhinestone Straightening IronCHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium 1 1/4″ Straightening Flat IronGK Hair Global Keratin One Control Titanium Styling Flat IronVANESSA Titanium Flat IronBaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron
Plate materialAnti-scratch Titanium PlatesTitanium infused ceramic coated platesTitanium platesNanometer Silver and TitaniumTitanium plates
Heating time30 seconds40 seconds30 seconds15 seconds30 seconds
Adjustable heat settingsAdjustable heat settings available ranging between 122°-470° F.Adjustable heat settings available ranging between 0-425° FAdjustable heat settings available ranging between 195° – 450° FAdjustable heat settings available ranging between 265° F to 450° F50 adjustable heat settings upto 450° F
Floating platesIt has floating plates.It has floating platesIt has floating platesIt has floating plates.It has floating plates.
Indicator light/ Temperature DisplayDigital LCD DisplayColor coded temperature display screenIt has a temperature indicator screenLED Temperature display screenLacks a temperature display screen.

Final Words:

Keratin treatment is one of the easiest and best ways to achieve straight, manageable and low-maintenance hair. It saves you the time taken every day to style and set your hair.

However, choosing the suitable flat iron for your keratin-treated hair is one of the major factors which decide how long your keratin treatment is going to last. As you are at the end of this article, you are ready to buy the best flat iron for your keratin treated hair and turn some heads.