Best Flat Iron for Black Hair | Top 3 Flat Irons for Black Hair [Review]

If you have black hair, you are lucky as it fits every frame of hairstyle. They offer you the choice of putting it in a wavy style, or a quick bun, beautiful curls or a sleek straight hairstyle. Blow drying can always help but, sometimes, you might feel like switching from your curls to straight tresses and that’s where the right kind of flat irons for the black hair comes into the picture.

Now, you don’t want to end up burning your locks in the process of straightening them. Poor choice of flat irons such as those with metal plates can prove treacherous for your hair. The latest technology suggests that using ceramic or titanium in flat irons makes them more reliable and less damaging. Let’s take a quick peek into what will be the best flat iron for your black hair.

Best Flat Iron for Black Hair – Top 3 Picks

Buyer Guide to Select the Best Flat Iron for Black Hair

Flat irons should be picked very carefully as it is not a tool in which you can spend every few months. So let your every penny spent be worth it. The best flat iron for black hair will not damage your hair, quickly style your hair and not cause any split-ends. For black hair to be straightened, the material of the flat iron is the most important factor you should look for.

The material of the plates of flat iron

By material, I mean the kind of metal that is used to make flat irons. The regular flat irons with normal metal plates are a big NO NO as they provide uneven heating throughout the hair. Black hair has three kinds of qualities:

  1. If your hair quality is dense and curly, the titanium is the best one for you as they quickly get heated up and style better. They are pricier. They release negative ions in the hair to reduce frizz.
  2. For people with slightly curly and wavy hair, Ceramic irons are a good choice as they evenly spread the heat and are worth the money.
  3. Tourmaline plates are suitable for people with a lot of damaged hair. They seal the hair shaft and reduce frizz.

Temperature matters

  • More the temperature, the faster the styling. But most of the time, higher temperature means more damage. To counter this, many flat irons now come with adjustable heat settings which set the ideal temperature for heating and keep altering it to not damage the hair.
  • Experts say that a temperature between 380F-450F degrees is a preferred range for dense and thick hair (mostly, Black hair)

Few specific factors for black hair

  • Believe it or not, shiny hair is determined by the material of your flat iron too. Titanium and ceramic have special properties which add gloss to the hair. Black hair only looks attractive when they are glossy.
  • Frizz is one common problem black-haired people face. One of the premium features of Flat irons includes infused iron technology which releases negative ions in the hair thus nullifying the effect of positive ions and thus keeping the moisturized trapped.
  • Convertibles – Now when you are spending so much on a flat iron, and then why not get an iron which can also be used as a curler? That way, it will be easier to style yourself with any type of hairstyle.

Few generic factors

A few general factors include the following mentioned below. They are not specific to black hair and can be used to buy flat irons for any kind of hair.

  • Shape of the iron: Maybe, it didn’t cross your mind but if you look closely, you will find that all flat irons are not straight. Few of them have curled plates and edges to give better styling and they can be converted into a curling iron also. Keep the shape of the flat iron in mind, when you shop for them. Many hairstylists tend to ignore this part when buying a flat iron. Don’t worry, that is what we are here for.
  • Width of the plates: If you have fine hair, then you choosing a flat iron that has thin plates would be a suitable choice as wider plates could result in burning your hair. Also, narrower plates are easier to carry while traveling. If you are a head with thick hair, then wider plates are a perfect puck for you as wider plates will portray better results.
  • Professional or personal?  If you are not a regular user of flat iron for your black hair then you might prefer to buy a cost-effective iron for personal uses. But I recommend you to buy professional ones even if you are not going to use it often as they are made using higher technology, better metals and most importantly better temperature settings. A personal one might be cheap, but if you truly love your hair, then spending few extra dollars on a professional shouldn’t be an issue.

Review of Top 3 Best Flat Irons for Black hair

1. CHI Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic 1″ Flat Iron in Onyx Black

  • The CHI Flat Iron produces an exceptionally high amount of negative ions, and Far Infrared, which reduces static electricity for that perfect style
  • Features a temperature dial for variable heat settings, floating plates for professional results, quick heat up, and a 9' swivel cord
  • Ideal for all hair styling, including straightening, smoothing, curling, waving, spiraling, flipping and bending.
  • 9 ft. Swivel Cord for convenience
  • 9 ft. swivel cord just like the pros
  • Dual voltage

This hair Straightener is definitely going to top the list, when you are considering buying the best flat iron for black hair. It includes all the features that an ideal flat iron should have. The material of the iron is ideal for black hair as per the factors mentioned earlier – ceramic and tourmaline which makes sure the heat is distributed evenly and the hair stays shiny throughout the day.

According to the suggestions we provided earlier, the ideal temperature for styling is around 380F-450F, which is exactly what this Flat iron provides you with! The dual voltage feature makes it portable for traveling purposes. The flat iron automatically shuts off after 60 minutes of usage and comes with a warranty as well.

Features :

  • This flat iron for black hair has a 9 ft long swivel cord for easier handling,
  • Rubber handle for heat resistance
  • The plates are perfect in width for any texture of the hair
  • the temperature is regulated while styling.

Why is this flat iron perfect for black hair?

The black hair is often thick, dense and rough. The ceramic plates reduce the frizz in the black hair and the steam feature of this flat iron for black hair makes sure that those coarse curls are straightened to the core without any delays.

They also bind the moisture to the otherwise rough hair and tame them to give you your desired straight hairstyle. The heat settings available range from 350F-450F in this flat iron, which is the exact temperature we need to straighten black hair.

Our opinion:

In our opinion, it is one of the most economical yet professional buys amongst other flat irons for black hair in the market. The shape of the metal plates that is the partition in between, helps in locking the hair and swiftly styling it without any hustle. The digital display shows you the temperature and regulates it accordingly.

The option of steam feature can be used to get efficient styling and is even removable. They also give a heat-resistant case to protect the flat iron when you are traveling. Also, it takes less than a minute to heat up. There is no reason why it should be categorized under the best flat iron for the black iron list!

2. Solano Sleekheat450 Professional Flat Iron

  • Glides smoothly through hair
  • Variable temperature control with settings from 170 DegreeF to 450 DegreeF
  • Instant heat
  • Instant heat recovery ensures constant, consistent heat
  • Ceramic for even heat while styling

There is not better word than ‘perfect’ to describe this flat iron for black hair. It has absolutely left its customers speechless with its features and its simple and quick styling. Just as our guide suggests, the ceramic and tourmaline plates release more ions into the hair to lock the moisture which is required the most in black hair as due to thickness, they are devoid of moisture.

The new ionic technology of this flat iron helps in keeping the hair sleek all day long. The swivel cord rotates 360 degrees for easy handling and the plates are wide enough for any texture of hair.  The heating up take hardly more than 45 seconds and it can go upto a temperature of 450F.


  • It acts fast on the frizziest of hair and quickly styles it up for you.
  • It gets heated up in a few seconds.
  • Takes care of flyaways
  • Heats upto 450 F

Why is this flat iron perfect for black hair?

Black is considered to be the most sensitive and difficult to style. This flat iron for black hair regulates the heat and sets the perfect temperature to straighten your stubborn curls. The coarse black hair becomes very manageable with this flat iron. Also, black hair needs shine and smoothness the most, which this one provides without any doubt using its ceramic and tourmaline plates.

Our opinion:

This flat iron for black hair is the best choice amongst the customers which is one of the reasons why it is our best choice too. Other reasons for us describing it as perfect are that it is technologically more advanced than other flat irons and even reduces frizz and flyaways. The 1-inch plate can style any length of hair. This flat iron is definitely a star in the industry.

3. FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Pro Styler

  • Ceramic heater offers even heat distribution and high speed heat recovery
  • Adjustable professional temperature from 140 Degree to 450 Degree
  • Three layers of baked Ceramic infused with tourmaline
  • Seals moisture, eliminates frizz, produces high shine
  • Even, consistent heat for one time smoothing

The flat iron for black hair brought to you by FHI professionals is a dream product and defines what an ideal flat iron should be like. It has all the features we look for in a good flat iron for black hair, and that is why it is in the top 3 list of best flat irons in the market.

The ceramic plates allow for a smooth finish to the black hair and it quickly heats to 450 degrees in 30 seconds for faster styling. Tourmaline-coated plates allow more ions to be introduced into the hair Looking at the shape, it is proportionately built and is wide enough to provide styling for short and long black hair both. The ceramic heaters heat the flat iron faster and give an even heat distribution.


  • Dual capability of curling and straightening both,
  • Switching off after 60 mins of non-usage,
  • Fast heating due to ceramic heaters

Why is this flat iron perfect for black hair?

The tourmaline plates of this flat iron are coated with keratin to keep the black hair healthy and shiny making it a good buy for black hair. The black hair needs extra care and the ions by the plates settle for the damage. They also have special heat settings for all kinds of black hair that is including thin, coarse and wavy hair. The design is safe for operation and the swivel cord gives easy styling.

Our opinion:

Our suggestion would be to go for this flat iron for black hair if you want to buy it for professional purposes. Personally, you can buy it if you have people with different textured hair in your house. This tool is really versatile and is fit for travel also. The keratin plates are an add-on to the other features and it just makes this product more tempting for you to buy. Once you pick up this iron, you wouldn’t be able to put it down for sure.


So, now you know the correct features to look for when buying a flat iron for black hair. Along with flat irons, you also need to take some other precautions like to moisturize your hair regularly and applying heat protectant sprays before you start the process of straightening. Make sure you invest your money in an iron that lasts for a few years and gives the best-desired results. Happy Ironing!