Best Flat Iron for 4c Hair | Top 3 Picks [Comparison & Review]

When it comes to picking a good flat iron for 4c hair, it can’t be any ordinary flat iron that promises to flatten hair and make it look glossy. The case for 4c hair is slightly different than other hair types. They need special kinds of flat irons to get straightened.

No matter how occasionally or regularly you wish to straighten your hair, to save it from getting heat damaged, you have to use proper heating tools. Therefore, to choose the correct kind of flat iron for 4c hair becomes utterly important. The shape of the plates, type of plate material etc matter a lot

So we have come up with the top 3 flat irons for 4c hair that are being used by people in the market and have been rated as the highest.

 What is 4c Hair?

4c Hair is a type of hair that has curl patterns which are tightest of all the possible hair patterns. Type 4c is the subcategory of type 4 hair which refers to extremely coiled strands. It does not have any definite curl pattern, and has a shrinkage of up to seventy percent or even more. 

The hair forms tight patterns of s’s, z’s and coils and has very similar characteristics with hair of type 4. This doesn’t mean that it has to have the same density and porosity as every type 4 hair and that changes the behavior of the hair. Few qualities that separate this type of hair from other hair types are:      

  • The hair tends to dry out soon and thus moisture isn’t maintained due to curly hair
  • As the curls very tight, people experience upto 75% in their hair length!
  • 4C hair often gets entangled and matted if the care isn’t proper.
  • The hair is prone to breakage and thus hair is fragile and prone to breakage

Comparison of Top 3 Best Flat Irons for 4c Hair

Buyer Guide to Select the Best Flat Iron for 4c Hair

  1. Steam flat irons: Steam flat irons are perfect when it comes to replenishing the moisture and retaining it for a long period of time in the hair. As 4c hair tends to lose moisture very often, steam flat irons are best suited for the hair.
  • Ionic technology: The ionic technology flat irons prevent the hair form breakage and keep it frizz free. 4c hair as it very curly tends to get frizzy after 2-3 hours of wash. The ionic technology will add more number of negative ions into the hair thus preventing it from getting frizzy and dry every now and then.
  • Infrared emission technology: Although this kind of technology is rare to find in the flat irons, but if you find this feature then immediately go for it. 4C hair is quite stubborn to straighten and this technology makes sure that the heat reaches the most difficult parts of the hair and straightens out even the most stubborn hair.
  • Plate material: Titanium and ceramic are best suited for straightening out 4c hair as they do not stick to the hair and are resistant towards weak hair. They do not damage the hair when it comes to heat. They also ensure that the heat is evenly distributed in the hair and no heat spots are developed.
  • Temperature and heat settings: The ideal temperature to straighten out curly hair is 390 F- 450 F. Therefore search for a flat iron which comes with multiple heat and temperature settings and preferably an LCD display screen to indicate the temperature. This way you can save your hair from burning if the temperature is too high.
  • Plate size: The preferable plate size for 4C hair is recommended to be 1 to 1.25 inch depending on the length and thickness of the iron. Do not compromise on this minimum length to get the desired results on straightening.

Best Flat Iron for 4c Hair – Top 3 Picks [Review]

1.      BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra Thin Straightening Iron

The renowned name of this flat iron is there for a reason. It doesn’t stand at number one place because of its quality services but also because of all the features it has to offer to its customer. The amazing features of this straightner are perfect for stubborn kinky hair locks to lead them towards perfection.

To start with, the titanium plates absorb heat very fast and help in straightening hair without nay hassle and distribute the heat evenly across the hair. There is a ceramic heater attached to the tool so that the plates heat up very quickly and are super efficient in their work.  

This flat iron has about 50 heat settings ranging from 200 F to 450 F. It also comes with a built in generator for ions that releases a lot of negative ions into the hair, thus preventing the hair from getting frizzy. Buying this flat iron for 4c hair would be the ultimate decision.

Key Features

  • Infrared emission technology
  • Ionic technology
  • 50 heat settings
  • Titanium plates
  • Frizz free hair

Why is this flat iron perfect for 4c Hair?

The first and the foremost feature to notice is the infrared emission technology it comes with, that helps to transfer heat to each strand and straighten them effectively and safely. 

Another notable feature is the length of the plates that enable to straighten the hair more effectively and quickly as more section of hair can be taken into hold by the plates at once.

It is also very light in weight and extremely easy to carry around. It comes with the ionic technology as well which makes this flat iron the ultimate buy for anyone with 4C hair.

The plate material which is titanium cannot be questioned for and this flat iron has a lot to offer to all its customers.

2. FHI Heat Platform Plus Tourmaline Ceramic Pro Styler

The flat iron for 4C type of hair has been especially designed with the nature of the locks and stubbornness of the hair. Comes with a beautiful streamlined body, the curves are ultra curved so that the ringlets come out without putting any kind of effort. 

Throw your volume worries out the window as this one takes care of it all. No more fussing over less volume of hair. Coming with a temperature range of 140 F -450 F, it is perfect for straightening 4C hair.  It even is mounted with a Ceramic heater to offer even heat distribution in hair and a very high speedy recovery.

To use it, lightly pull on the styling iron through tiny sections of combed hair and watch the plates glide through hair with ease. The ionic technology and the plate size perfectly fit the description of a perfect flat iron as well


  • Temperature settings ranging from 140F -450F
  • Reduces frizz in the 4c hair with ionic technology
  • Help to retain volume of the hair
  • The Ceramic heater for less damage and even distribution of heat

Why is this flat iron perfect for 4c Hair?

It has got all the features of being in the list of best flat irons for 4c hair. From using the ionic technology to reducing frizz in the hair and flattening the hair safely to having multiple temperature settings and plate size, it has got everything.

It also comes with a ceramic heater for extra stability while heating and the volume retention offered by it is amazing. The plate size is perfect to cover the whole hair in just 15-20 minutes. Ideally, this one is the best shot at flat irons for 4c hair.

3. Elchim Natures Touch Hair Straightener

Are you actively looking for a flat iron for 4c hair that has the ability to give you a professional look in a matter of seconds?  This styling tool by Natures Touch is famous for creating sleek and straight hairstyle in thickest of the hair so it will be perfect for 4c hair.

It can even be used to style curls and waves if you desire and can be carried everywhere with ease. Making it to the top 3 list, this first new generation styler, made in Italy, comes with a range of temperature settings and controls. 4c hair has kinda less moisture in the hair, so in that case titanium plates become a good choice for a flat iron.

Even distribution of heat is taken care of titanium coating, resulting in quick styling and a lot of reduction of frizz.  The heat settings are adjustable and help to preserve the integrity of the hair. The heat settings can be predicted correctly using the feature of adjustable temperatures.

It is infused with titanium technology so that it can introduce more number of negative ions in the hair and can easily retain the moisture.   One of the premium flat irons out there in the market, it is a good buy for people with 4c hair.


  • Adjustable temperature controls
  • Can be used to form curls and waves also
  • Professional touch to the hair

Why is this flat iron perfect for 4c Hair?

This flat iron for 4C hair ticks everything on the list. It is perfect when it comes to being a good flat iron for 4C hair. The temperature settings vary from lowest to highest which is required temperature range for 4C type of hair.

The plate size is within limits and takes care of hair without it getting burnt. The heating time is very less and the ionic technology takes care of the frizz problem as well.

This genuinely tops the list of flat irons for 4C hair due to it excellent quality services and durability. Buy it for a great experience.


So now you know why there is a dire need to buy a specialized straightner which is suited to 4C hair. A flat iron for 4c hair takes care of the moisture intake, the frizz problem that curly hair experience every now and then and stays for a very long period of time.

Always keep in mind the features that are very important while you are buying a flat iron for your natural 4C hair. This hair is the very hard to handle but flat irons can make styling easier