Top 3 Best Dual Voltage Flat Irons | Features and Benefits

Don’t you think having a dual voltage flat iron handy would be a blessing in disguise? How convenient would it be to have a flat iron which could be plugged anywhere? There would be no hustle to find a plug point that would be suitable for your flat iron if it has dual voltage.

Few countries have 220V as their usual power supply in public places and some have 110V hence dual voltage flat iron is the best one for traveling. Let me tell you about one of the best dual voltage flat irons available in the market for you to buy.

When we are traveling, we might not come across power supplies that are consistent with the usual flat irons. In such cases, dual-voltage flat irons come handy and do the job perfectly. Read more to find out our list of 3 best dual voltage flat irons that will help explain the picture better!

What is a dual voltage iron?

A dual voltage flat iron also known as the universal voltage flat iron accepts both 110-120V and 220-240V and thus it qualifies to be used anywhere in the world, especially in countries like Europe and USA

There is one more advantage of using dual voltage irons- They won’t short-circuit when put in a 220 volt adapter when the power supply is 110V. Buying a dual voltage flat iron also takes care of not buying a power converter as with this, you don’t need one.

Benefits of Dual Voltage Flat Irons

Other than the convenience of carrying it while traveling, a dual-voltage iron can also become handy when it comes to styling and straightening on the go:

  • Portability: As such irons are meant for traveling purposes, their compact design makes them fit inside a normal-sized bag very easily.
  • Dual feature with curling: the use of flat iron for the tasks of curling is well known to everyone using flat irons. They generally come with a dual function and let you curl each and every lock carefully. So buying a dual voltage flat iron will solve your problem of having to carry around a curling iron while traveling.
  • Two voltage options: The two options offered by the flat irons are 110 and 220V. Every country offers a different voltage range. For North and South America, the voltage can range from 100-127V and for Europe it can range from 150-220V. To make sure that your flat iron doesn’t fry up if given a higher voltage that it can take, dual voltage is the best option!
  • No adapter: You wouldn’t need to buy a power converter for a dual voltage flat iron that makes one less item to carry.
  • Short Hair: Let me introduce you to your life-saver flat iron if you have short hair specifically. As dual voltage flat irons are mini in size generally they help in styling short hairstyles like pixie and bob-cuts and also help you reach difficult areas of the hair.

Comparison of Top 3 Best Dual Voltage Flat Irons

Buyer Guide to select the best dual voltage flat iron

A lot of variations in mini flat irons might end up confusing you, so having a list of best features to consider while buying the best mini flat iron might be beneficial for a quick reference.

  • Size and Weight: The advantages of dual voltage flat irons over other flat irons are their ease to be carried around without compromising on their efficiency or working. Always keep in mind to look for flat irons that are smaller in size, do not weigh much in weight and at the same time offer the same results as other irons would.
  • Temperature Settings: Consider your hair quality before you jump to any conclusions. If your hair is dry and damaged and has undergone a lot of heat treatment before then choose a flat iron with lower heat settings to avoid any further heat damage. If you have curly hair then having a temperature up to 400 F should be doable.
  • Material of the plates: If your hair strands are fragile and you have fine hair quality then using ceramic or Tournamaline plates should be your first choice. If you are looking for a material that can provide more heat then titanium is the best option.
  • Special features: If your flat iron comes with few more extra features than what you need then what could be better? Look for a swivel cord for ease of ironing and controllable heat settings or maybe a steam feature.

Review of Top 3 best flat irons

1. BaBylissPRO BABNT3053N Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

This best dual voltage flat iron by BaBylissPRO  is quite trendy and famous when it comes to delivering a superheat retention performance when it comes to providing results in a compact size with plates not longer than 6 inches! This one is surely made for the best experience when it comes to having beautiful and shiny hair.

The plate is made up of Nano Titanium and unbelievably offers an even distribution of heat without the fear of leaving any hot spots & releases a lot of negative ions in your locks making them look shiny and strong. The plate length is equal to 1” and this dual voltage flat iron comes in a mini size making it travel-friendly as well.

The maximum temperature this styling tool can reach is up to 440F and it styles the hairpin straight. This kind of Flat iron is for the kind of people that like to have short hair like bob and pixie cuts to be specific.

Straightening dense and coarse hair is not a problem as the heat distribution from its titanium plates is evenly distributed across the hair. I don’t think you will get a dual voltage flat iron that is so effective at such a nominal price. This flat iron is surely to last very long and is highly recommended.


  • Nano –Titanium Plate material
  • Mini Travel size
  • Maximum Temperature of 440 F
  • Shiny and sleek straight
  • Excellent heat Retention

2. ghd Platinum+ Hair Straightener, Ceramic Flat Iron, Professional Hair Styler

This dual voltage flat iron features a unique breakthrough Ultra predictive Technology. The new ghd platinum professional flat iron helps in recognizing every section of hair and adapts to the temperature for ensures that the optimum temperature of 365ºF is consistently given out across the two plates allowing for 70 percent stronger hair, 20 percent more shine and 2 times more color protection.

The heat hair styler is monitored 250 times per second and through its predictive technology, the heat styler has the ability to recognize the thickness of your hair and the speed at which you are styling and then it adjusts accordingly so you get unbeatable smooth results just for you.

The plates are ceramic with advanced, precise, floating types of plates with a high specific glossy finish so that you can get effortless and perfectly smooth styling and shine. The heat-resistant plate guard is attached so that you can take your style and your hair straightner wherever you want. It also comes with an automatic sleep mode to switch your styler off after 30 minutes of non-usage for no hazard.

The unique wishbone hinge ensures that the precision milled plates stay aligned with each other for snag-free styling. Our ghd flat iron comes with universal or dual voltage, a 9 ft swivel cord for convenient hair styling and an optimum temperature of 365ºF.


  • Ceramic and platinum plates
  • Heat-resistant heat guard
  • Swivel cord 9 ft
  • Maximum temperature of 365 F

3. Conair Mini PRO ½-inch Ceramic Flat Iron

The dual voltage flat iron with the Ceramic technology is one of the best available dual voltage flat irons for your hair in the market. This flat iron has the feature of easily guiding and gliding through the hair using the available styling plates on the flat iron across hair smoothly and helps in evenly distributing the heat to give results that resemble salon-like results while serving the purpose of preserving your lock’s natural moisture.

The temperature is so high that it can straighten the stubborn curly hair up to 365 F. The mini size of the flat iron is perfect for fitting in your purses and previously mentioned dual voltage feature that works worldwide, this barely half-inch flat iron can be your constant carrier whenever you decide to explore the world and travel.

This dual voltage flat iron can be used on pigmented or colored hair as the temperature offered is not that high but moderate and are not harmful to colored hair. The plates are half inch wide enough that can reach difficult corners of the scalp and straighten the hair as you desire!

This iron is compact in size and can fit anywhere in the bag. There are not one but twenty reasons why you should totally go for this dual-voltage flat iron!


  • 0.5 inch ceramic plates
  • Ceramic technology used
  • High temperature of 356°F heat
  • delivers salon-like results
  • Fast heating up
  • Power ON indicator light is present


If you are a resident of a humid place or just love traveling and are always in some other country then dual-voltage flat irons will definitely become your best friend! They are the best flat irons when it is about taming frizzy curls or flattening short hair or bangs. They can even be used to take care of unruly beards and make them look perfect and flat for any occasion!

There are multiple ways dual voltage flat irons could be referred to as versatile styling tools. The advantage of being compact in size and easily carriable while traveling is an add-on. Go, grab them now and make your curls and other hairstyles more manageable than before!