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Every week there is something new in the pages of Vogue about some amazing fashion fad that just sprung up. But what’s better than new hairstyles? Of course the comebacks of the styles that rocked the good old days!

A period when the ladies were bold and gave a go at many daring styles. This era is lucky to see such bold beauties again who do not hesitate to draw some inspiration from the retro and bring it back to the ramps.

The Beehive Hairstyle also called the B 52 Hairstyle was a very popular one in the 1960s. This style has a close resemblance to the beehive and also to the noose of the famous military bob, B 52. Hence the names.  

This vintage look needs a lot of patience, hairspray and dozens of bobby pins to recreate.  The Beehive hairstyle can look great for Prom, Weddings, and Parties.

With some variations, it can also be worn on a daily basis and it can also be made formal and you can even go to your office in a beehive hairstyle. A messier beehive hairdo will give you a chic look. With all these variants available, feel free to experiment and be prepared for tons of compliments.

History of Beehive Hairstyle:

History of Beehive Hairstyle

The history of beehive hairstyle is amusing as the hairstyle itself. It is a look created by Illinois-origin hairstylist Margaret Vinci Heldt who owned the Margaret Vinci Coiffures in downtown Chicago.

She was approached by Modern Beauty Salon (then called the Modern Beauty Shop) editors to create a new hairstyle that would reflect the decade. She created the Beehive hairstyle after being inspired by her favorite fez hat which would not spoil her hairstyle.

She wanted to create a hairstyle that would last long. It was one of the reasons for the success of the hairstyles. It was worth every single second you spent creating the hairstyle. All you had to was re-comb the stray strands and your hive will look as good as new.

The name Beehive Hairstyle was suggested by a magazine reporter who spotted similarities between a beehive and the style, and the name stuck on forever.

Many celebrities have sported this look which has added to its increased popularity. This style has evolved through the ages, and yet there is a special place for the Classic Beehive Hairstyle in the hearts of retro-style lovers.

Not just celebrities, even the animated character Marge Simpson from The Simpsons is known to wear her hair in the hive.

How to do a Beehive hairstyle:

Beehive is a hairstyle that looks sophisticated but is a pretty simple one to create when you have some patience. This style does not even require many hair products like other hairdos. Follow these steps to get a good-looking Beehive hairstyle:

How To Make Beehive Hair

Step 1: Preparing Your Hair:

Wash your hair one day in advance and make sure it is not damp while you start working on it. This style does not need super clean hair. Slightly greasy hair will help to create more volume. You can also use hair serum evenly on all sections of the hair.

Step 2: Creating Volume:

Bend down and let your hair fall over and fluff it up to get some volume. After you have decided what kind of beehive you want, start teasing your hair.

Step 3: Backcombing:

Backcombing is a technique in which you comb your hair in the opposite direction of its growth. This technique also called Teasing creates the base for an elevated hairstyle by bunching the hair. Take a small section of hair (about 1.5 inches) and begin combing it towards your scalp.

You can use a bristle brush or a fine-toothed comb for this purpose. Tease the hair till it reaches the height you want your beehive to be.

Apply hairspray to this section and repeat the process with another strand till you have covered the top part of your hair. You should leave some without backcombing so that you can style them later into a bun, braid or just straighten them.

Step 4: Sculpting the Beehive:

Keep the front of the beehive at the desired height. Keep the sides of your hive tight and close to your head. Secure the hive using bobby pins. Insert the pins in a diagonal manner for maximum hold. Push it upwards so that the volume and the height of the beehive are maintained.

Step 5: Clean up the Sides:

Clean up the sides and pin them in a taut manner to ensure the beehive is secure. Also, brush up any loose strands of hair.

Step 6: Hairspray:

This is the most important step as spraying generous amounts of hairspray will ensure your beehive stays up all day long. Sometimes, a good beehive can stay even for a few days if you are careful enough. So make sure you use hairspray properly over your sculpted beehive.

Step 7: Additional Styling and Accessories:

After creating your beehive, you may style it in many ways as mentioned in the later sections of the article. Accessorizing also adds a feminine touch to the retro style.

Popular Beehive Hairstyles

Beehive is a hairstyle that looks voluminous and adds a few inches to your height. This style can be tried by women having long, medium, and even short hair.

You can color your hair or add a few accessories to spice up the style. Here are some trending ideas for you to get a beautiful beehive on your head.

1. Modern Beehive Hairstyles:

Modern Beehive Hairstyles

2. Crimped Beehive:

This is an innovative combination of the new and the old. It reminds us of what wonders a little change in style can cause without compromising trends and originality. Add some twist to the traditional beehive by trying it on crimped hair. This style will look fresh and definitely intriguing.

3. Half and Half Beehive:

If you want a beehive but yet blend in the common world, then this is the perfect option for you. Make a normal-sized beehive from the crown of your hair and pin it up at the center.

Leave the rest of your hair free with some soft curls. Side-swept bangs and blunt front bangs also enhance this look.

4. Low Ponytail Beehive:

This is a great option for office-goers and can also be styled for casual outings. The low ponytail gives a chic and classic look. Side sweep the front of your hair to have a fuss-free look.

Create a beehive from the center of the head and pin it up. Cover it up with the side swept hair and pin the hair along with your low pony.

5. Braided Partial Beehive:

This style will definitely bring out your latent rock star. Turn the classic beehive into a modern one by tight side braids at the bottom of the beehive. Keep the beehive only at the upper part of your head and straighten the lower half to create a clean look.

6. Messy Beehive with Side Swept Bangs:

This is the best way to bring retro style into the current era. The messy beehive with a clean side swept bang has an edge to it to make it look fashionable and feminine. You could add some accessories like an embellished headband for a more festive look.

7. Retro Beehive Styles:

Retro Beehive Styles

What better way to wear a style than the classic? Here are some styles to enhance the classic beehive:

8. Smooth Beehive with a Side Bow:

Side bows are cute reminders of the 60s. Place a bow at the back and off to one side of your medium-length beehive to accentuate the beauty of the beehive. A side-swept bang will give your face a sculpted look.

9. Pin Curl Beehive:

Combining two styles to get an entirely new one is a usual practice in the world of hairstyling. Do yourself a favor and combine these two styles- Pin curl and Beehive! The beehive is kept the same and at the endpin, curls are placed. When given short and tightly curled bangs, this look reaches the next level.

10. Swirl Beehive:

This is similar to the Pin Curl Beehive style. In this style, instead of tucking in the ends, they are pinned in an open swirl to create an illusion. Pin a flowery clip near the swirl to complete the look.

11. Braided Bun Beehive:

Braids, beehives, and Buns are always a great combo. To get this style, create a beehive at the top and pin it using bobby pins. Form a low bun that is offset by a pair of side braids that is wrapped around the bun. This look will get completed with some soft, side-swept bangs.

12. Tall French Twist Beehive:

This is a daring look to pull in this modern world. But this is the style that was popular back in the 60s. The French Twist gives support to the beehive and makes sure the hive stays all day long. Make sure the beehive is tall enough to give you the retro look.

Beehive For Short Hair

Beehive For Shorthair

Just because your hair is a few inches short, it does not mean that beehive is not for you. In fact, you can rock this style in much less time with more ease. Check out these Beehive Hairstyles For Short Hair:

1. Bob and Beehive:

If you have a bob that ends midway of your neck, make a beehive at the top using a lot of hair spray to ensure the hive stays all day long, and straighten the lower half and show the world that a blunt cut does not mean you can’t have a great hairstyle. You can also add a small bow clip at the end of your beehive to get a cute look.

2. Flipped Ends Beehive:

This is a fancier version of the Bob and Beehive style. In this one, give your free hair ends a slight outer flip and add some wispy bangs at the front. An embellishment will add to the beauty of the beehive.

Beehive Hairstyles for Long Hair

Beehive Hairstyles for Long Hair

If you have Rapunzel-like hair, then you can try a lot of amazing hairstyles. Beehive looks amazing on women with long and luscious hair as they have naturally voluminous hair. Here are some ideas to style beehives on long hair:

1. Classic Tall Beehive:

If you have all that is needed to get a classic, retro-styled long beehive, then why not give it a try? Tease your hair well and as high as you can and pin the beehive securely using bobby pins.

2. Beehive and Long Braid:

Create a beehive at the crown of your head and then braid the lower part into a fishtail or a regular braid. Accessorize the braid using some flowers or embellishments and sweep the crowd off their feet.

3. Half and Half Wavy Beehive:

Make a beehive at the top part of your hair and let the lower part cascade down your back. Give the free hair soft waves to enhance the dreamy effect.

Braided Beehive Hairstyle:

Braided Beehive Hairstyle

Braids and beehives are a killer combination. The braided Beehive Hairstyle is also called The Cornrow Beehive Bun. First, section your hair and divide your hair into 4 to 5 sections all over your head.

Next, use Hair extensions and weave them into your natural hair to create numerous small braids.

Make sure the direction of the braid from the nape of your neck is upwards and from the crown of your head is downwards.

In other words, direct your braids towards the center of your head. Once you have finished the braiding, gather all the braids and secure them into a tight and high ponytail using a hair tie.

Then, roll the ponytail into a nice layered bun to get the look of a beehive. Secure the bun using lots of bobby pins pushed diagonally. Use hairspray to smoothen any stray hair.

Beehive Products:

To create a beehive, you need a few  basic products like:

  • A fine-toothed comb or Bristle Hair Brush
  • Hair Spray
  • Dozens of Bobby Pins


  • Hair Accessories like bows, clips, hair bands, and other embellishments
  • Hair tie (For Braids)

1. Hairspray:

The main aim of using hairspray is to create and lock the volume. Beehive Hair Studio recommends using the hairspray Quick Tease 15 from the company Redken.

You can also use Aqua net Hairspray which gives you Extra Super Hold. Here is the link to buy it from Amazon, Click here to know the price and reviews.

2. Beehive Hair Wig:

If you want a tall and voluminous beehive but have thin and very short hair, then fret not, there are a variety of beehive hair wigs available at popular e-commerce websites like Amazon, e bay etc.

If you don’t want to risk coloring your hair just because you want a pretty classic pink shade of Beehive, then you can opt for a beehive wig instead.

Here are the links to some of the classic beehive styles recreated on a wig:

3. Beehive Clips:

If you don’t want to use a wig, but yet want a voluminous beehive, then you can go for beehive clips. Using a Beehive clip saves you from the hassle of all that backcombing and hair spray.

All you have to do is place the clip beneath your crown and place your neatly combed hair over the clip. These clip-on are available in various colors and varieties.


The back from Retro hairstyles is a great hit in the fashion world. Do give this Beehive Hairstyle a try and get the 60s look combined with modern styles. This look will definitely turn heads and will make sure you get the limelight at your parties and events.